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Bichon Frise Named Flynn Named Top Dog At Westminster Dog Show

The winner was announced by Judge Betty-Anne Stenmark of Woodside, California, who was poker-faced as she examined Flynn against six other finalists, poking and prodding...


Valentine's Day: Forgot to Buy A Gift? Here Are Some Last Minute DIY Ideas to Impress Your Partner

Without letting on your little error in time management, go ahead and surprise your partner with these cool gifts, which you can create in under 30 minutes to bring a...


Sabyasachi Pens Down An Open Letter, Apologises For 'Shame' Remark On Women's Inability To Wear Sari

Sabyasachi, regarded for his opulent creations and fine craft, got mired in a controversy when he said that it’s a matter of shame if women don’t know how to...


Burberry's Outgoing Head Dedicates Last Collection To Gay Rights

Burberry said it would also be making donations to three gay rights charities: the Albert Kennedy Trust, the Trevor Project and ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay,...


Weddings Are My Favourite Occasion: Sabyasachi

“Weddings are my favourite occasion and what better way to celebrate the month of love with stories of true love and fairytale weddings,” the designer said...


Valentine’s Day 2018: Get Your Make-Up Right for a Romantic Date

Use a matte primer to make a perfect base for your make-up and conceal the imperfections with the right kind of concealer.


Marvel Studios Brings 'Black Panther' to New York Fashion Week

Fletcher, based in Los Angeles, said she was hired by the film’s costume designer, Ruth E. Carter, to create some statement pieces for the superhero blockbuster...


Roses and Jewellery are Passé, Manish Malhotra Designs a Smartphone For Valentine’s Day

A perfect combination of style and technology, the limited edition smartphone, which comes in a sexy red colour and features the #InfiniteLove motif, makes for an ideal...


Gigi Hadid Slams Body Shamers for Commenting on Her Weight Fluctuations

Gigi Hadid, who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease — in which the immune system attacks the thyroid — made her feelings known through a passionate...


Had to Reprogramme My Attitude to Food to Win Battle Against Weight: Khloe Kardashian

Khloe had earlier said she has been giving into cravings and eating more while she is expecting. But she has continued to workout and “can’t wait” to...