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Australian sentenced to 46 years for torturing and killing niece

, The judge describes the crime as a “depraved and sadistic act” by a man his victim trusted.,

Sumatran rhino 'hanging on by a thread'

, A genetic study shows the decline of one of the rarest mammals on Earth began during the last Ice Age.,

Ed Sheeran concert pass forgers jailed in Singapore

, An Australian is the fourth foreigner jailed for using fake passes to bring fans into a Singapore gig.,

China's central bank raises interest rates after Fed rise

, Beijing is trying to stop money from moving out of the country in search of stronger returns.,

Is it 'vulgar' to advertise condoms?

, The government says condom ads are inappropriate for children but Indians are split on the issue.,

Husband accused of murder in high-profile Australia mystery

, Borce Ristevski is accused of murdering his wife, Karen, whose disappearance baffled Australia.,

Raelene Castle: Rugby Australia appoints first woman chief

, As the sport’s first female boss, Raelene Castle reportedly beat 200 candidates for the job.,

Tasmanian tigers were in poor genetic health, study finds

, The species would have struggled to survive even without human contact, research finds.,

Big recall of baby milk products ordered

, Britain and China are among the countries affected by the recall of baby milk formula products.,

Bali jailbreak: US inmate escapes notorious Kerobokan prison

, Reports suggest the man and another inmate escaped by climbing over the prison wall.,