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Winter Olympics: Would Chloe Kim have made it as a South Korean?

, The American-South Korean teenager has won an Olympic Gold but social media are imagining another life.,

Heathrow duty free Chinese discrimination 'unacceptable'

, A duty free event offered higher minimum purchase rates to Chinese travellers, sparking outrage on social media.,

Pakistani Taliban deputy Khalid Mehsud 'killed in drone attack'

, Khalid Mehsud was reportedly killed in a drone strike last week, in a move seen to weaken the Taliban.,

Sydney seaplane: UK family members 'drowned in crash'

, UK boss Richard Cousins and five family members were killed in the crash in Sydney.,

Indonesia bus crash leaves 25 dead in West Java

, The bus was carrying local tourists when it overturned in the Subang region of West Java.,

Selling a 'lovable' Australia to the US

, Why “over-the-top caricatures” from Crocodile Dundee are likely to help tourism down under.,

North Korea: US says 'no daylight' between allies despite warmer ties

, The Winter Olympics has seen better ties between the Koreas but the US has been sceptical.,

Winter Olympics: Yuri On Ice performed by Japanese skaters

, Pyeongchang 2018 sees an unusual music selection as figure skaters perform to a hit cartoon theme tune.,

Bangkok woman killed taking selfie on train tracks

, The number of people who die each year while taking selfies in dangerous locations is on the rise.,

Jarrod Bannister: Commonwealth Games javelin gold medallist dies

, Australian javelin thrower Jarrod Bannister, 33, had been living and training in the Netherlands.,